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Samantha Mowrey has been reading Tarot Cards for Clarksville, TN since 2014 and has been practicing energy work since 2009. Over the past year, she has taught classes on energetic self care, rune work, and spell work to advanced energy healers and energy-curious people alike. 

Energy Services

Tandem Package

Massage & Reiki with 2 practitioners

Tarot Reading

Tarot has been used for centuries and is a healing tool utilized to give the client insight and clarity to their specific questions.   All Tarot readings are tailored to the client's specific needs.  Clients can ask as many questions as they like during their session.

Massage Therapy Services

Goal Oriented Massage

Allow me to help you reach your goals, whether you are trying to reach peak performance, working through an injury, or just need to relax. A range of therapeutic massage techniques will be applied, as needed, to help alleviate discomfort.

Oncology Massage

Client actively going through cancer treatment and into survivor-ship have unique needs and additional precautions that need to be taken when receiving massage. This massage caters to these needs.

Group Services

Massage in the Workplace

Massage can increase productivity and morale for you and your staff. I can provide chair massage or sports massage for you and your staff. Pricing based on number of staff and specific service. Email or call for pricing.


Want to spice up your next event? Hiring a massage therapist and tarot reader is a fantastic way for you to do just that.

If you want to see me at your event, let me know! Send me information under the Contact Tab for any networking, volunteer, and business opportunities.

Services Coming Soon

Guided Meditations

Group Tarot Reading

Massage in the Work Place

Sports Packages

Oncology Packages

Reiki Healing